Helping you transform your space

We like to help clients transform their spaces.

Whether it is bringing a dilapidated or derelict warehouse back to life, or modernising an old and tired office building the resulting transformation is exceptional.

Every 186 project is delivered with a professional, reliable, no nonsense approach by specialist teams with the skills, knowledge and experience required.

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Davis Wagons, 186Davis Wagons 3, 186
Davis Wagons1, 186Davis Wagons 2, 186
Cleveland Containers room, 186Cleveland Containers desk, 186 Property Solutions
Cleve-Containers, 186Cleve-Containers, 186 Property Solutions
Dilpas, 186 Property SolutionsFed-Ex-leivester, 186 Property Solutions
Davis Wagons 6, 186Davis-Wagons, 186 Property Solutions